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March 8, 2010

Portfolio and Maternity Leave

The New Kori Clark Designs Portfolio is UP and RUNNING!

I am so very excited to finally have the portfolio together as a “central location” for all of my design work! Not only does it provide an overview and samples of my work, it also helps you get to know me, and provides links to my two shops – Kori and Kate and Kori Clark Designs on Etsy!

The last three months since my little boy joined our family have been crazy, busy, and joyous. I began taking on design work when he was only one month old, but I was only accepting a limited amount of custom work. Now that I am back in full swing, My Etsy is being updated with new products coming soon (think printable party designs), Kori & Kate is rocking in the new year with tons of new products for photographers, and my custom orders are rolling back in!

Here is my three-month old son, and his favorite babysitter – his big sister!