Working Mom? Stay At Home Mom? Neither? Both?

“What do you do?” It sounds like a normal enough question, and a simple one as well, but does anyone have a truly simple answer? Think about all of the things you do every day, all of the hats you wear, how do you answer when someone asks you “What do you do?”

Personally, when asked, I feel myself stumbling for the right answer. Working in the corporate world as a graphic designer, before I was married with children, my answer was a little easier.  Then, years ago I left the corporate world for a life at home, being a stay at home – work at home mom. I have done freelance design work for three years now, some clients large and some small, and all important and valued immensely.

So, my answer : I am a wife, mother, and freelance designer with entrepreneurial spirit, who works between nap times, play-dates, and into LATE LATE hours of the night to live my dream. My dream of being a working stay at home mom. “What I do” is whatever needs to be done. Of course I would love  “Office Hours” and I hope to have them one day, but until then, I am grateful for the opportunity to make baby food for this little guy before an important conference call.

And to enjoy an afternoon at the park with this loving doll between answering a multitude of emails.

And then when everyone is asleep, and things are quiet, I sit down and begin to draw, so I can create designs like this –

Am I a mom first or a designer first? I like to think I am both, or rather that this multitude of titles and responsibilities combine seamlessly to create who I am, and WHAT I DO.

{Kids Photos by the amazing Courtney Vickers Photography}


One Comment to “Working Mom? Stay At Home Mom? Neither? Both?”

  1. You are also a pretty AMAZING friend! xoxo

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