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July 30, 2010

A Berry Sweet Shower

I recently had a graphic design friend ask how it feels to send off designs to people and not know how they turn out in the end. You see, whenever anyone creates something, there is pride and love that goes into it. Whether it’s pancakes you made this morning, or your own child’s sweet face…it’s nice to know the {whole} story after putting love into something. So, honestly, I assume that EVERY time I send customized designs to a sweet customer they turn out amazing and loved in the end. Perhaps they do, and perhaps that’s a fantasy that makes me happy, but either way getting emails full of photos makes me think I am correct!

I was thrilled to receive the email from the super sweet Melissa with photos of the strawberry shower. She contacted me to customize the “So Sweet” set to have a custom illustrated strawberry {that matched the table cloth} instead of the cake graphic. The colors also changed from Pink & Green to Red & Green.

You can see all of the love that went into this shower! I adore how many strawberry’s they had, just check out the food table. One of my favorite things was that they added the unexpected hints of blue into the red and green color scheme. The soft blue really brightened everything up and tied in the sweet strawberry tablecloth that was the inspiration.

Thank you Melissa for sharing your party us and a big congrats to the mommy to be, Sarah.

July 28, 2010

More Sneaky Peeks

As promised…here is the other box that arrived that made me squeal a bit…

These beautiful taffy sticks came from Kate Landers Events, LLC! They do come with a ridiculously cute label that I am not sure I was supposed to take off – but as I am all about paper products, I just had to make MY OWN labels to stick on! You will notice the adorable turtle from the invitation on the assortment of pink {strawberry} taffy and pink and green {watermelon} taffy.

These couldn’t be any more perfect for a pink and green party and the colors match EXACTLY! I think they were made this way on purpose? Right?

NOW…a little something you should know about Kate Landers, LLC – she is hosting a give away RIGHT NOW for some simply adorable items from her Fairy Garden Party, your choice of

Toadstool Seats or

a fairy frock!

Get over to her blog ASAP and make sure you are entered to win! If you win, hop over to the Paper & Pigtails shop for the Woodland Fairy Paper Collection!

July 27, 2010

Party Planning Thrills and Sneaks


I LOVE stationery and “Party Designs” but I am not sure that translates into “Party Planning”.  This is all very new to me {Disclaimer – Professionals WILL make this process MUCH EASIER!} Here I am in the middle of “planning a party” for my soon to be three year old, and I admit, I am starting to get the rush that seeing a party come together brings! When people purchase printables from Paper & Pigtails, I love hearing how excited they are to add them to their festivities, but haven’t gotten this rush myself until this week!

Those of you who do this often can tell me if it’s always this way, but with the party in only 1.5 short weeks, packages have begun to arrive and it is truly thrilling to tear into them with my little girl and start to see how this party {MAY ACTUALLY} come together.

I wanted to share a few of the goodies I have gotten so far with some sneak peeks.

I received a package yesterday from the AMAZING Twirlie Whirlies! She makes custom pinwheels in varied sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. Having bought two of the Lilly Pinwheels in the Tort pattern, I wanted to bring in a lot of white to add a mod, clean touch to everything. I showed Shannon of  Twirlie Whirlies the pinwheels I had and she made sure these white ones also had 8 points (a detail I wouldn’t have thought of!) and that the sticks were long enough for the container they are going in!

How beautiful are these! Thank You Shannon! I CAN’T WAIT to see them in their final place at the party!!

Keep your eyes peeled because another post is coming soon to show off the adorable Taffy Wands from Kate Landers Events, LLC…you are going to want these….I can’t stop looking at them!

July 23, 2010

The Invitation – Charlotte’s Party

I posted two weeks ago with an inspiration board for my little girls invitations (and upcoming party).  It’s always fun to find beautiful photos that can bring the feelings you have about something into a visual image….and even more fun when it’s for your baby. OK, she will tell you she “Is not a BABY” and “I’m a big girl”, but she is and always will be MY BABY.

The main inspirations for her invitations were these Lilly Pulitzer plates

{Lilly Pulitzer Desert Tort Plates}

and the adorable plushy designs sent to me by Jordon of Georgia Grace.

{Heather Bailey Sewing Pattern}

Illustrating this adorable turtle for her I also took cues from the tortoises we photographed at the Miami Zoo. I wanted the feeling to be a clean, modern, bright, girly feel. We are having a pool party, so a bright and fun design was important to setting the tone!

Honestly, I couldn’t be pleased more with how they turned out and looking at them is only getting me MORE excited to make this day amazing for “my sweet sunshine“!

{The turtle designs will be added to the shop in August!}

July 21, 2010

Meatloaf Cupcakes

Soooo…the title of this post does honestly gross me out, but I feel like these would be similar to a mini Shepard’s pie. I would also like to think that because the title “meatloaf cupcakes” sounds gross, that I wouldn’t eat them….but anyone who knows me knows I will eat anything approved by the FDA (and sometimes things that aren’t) and would likely polish off a pan of these without a second thought. These may even make dinner more fun for the kids…ok…KID, I wouldn’t feed them to my 7 month old!!!

I found two recipes and I fully plan on trying both.

Check them out!

{Photo from the fabulous Bakerella}

CLICK HERE for the recipe from Bakerella on The Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen. If you don’t know the Pioneer Woman, you should!!! She is hilarious, fabulous, and inspirational to every facet of life! Check out her site HERE and expect to lose some time looking around and laughing.

{Photos from Fine Furious Life originally posted (5/14/2008)}

Although Fine Furious Life no longer exists, you can still find the recipe from an adorable food site, Unfork. Click HERE to see the recipe and post from Unfork.

July 19, 2010

Harvest Season

{ Clockwise : Harvest Tablescape , Caramel Apples,

Apples on a Desk, Apple Orchard }

Yes, I understand it is the middle of July, however, in my design brain….I am thinking Fall, Winter, and even next spring! Perhaps it is the eternal optimist in me that prefers to yearn for harvest parties while baking in 100 degree heat, but I am thinking fall…harvest…rich colors….loving family moments…and holiday memories. Perhaps you aren’t there quite yet, but I hope you will be soon when I release the first Harvest Printable Party set…designed around what else – an apple orchard!

The Harvest Apple Printable set will be available in the Paper & Pigtails shop in August and will bring quite a lot of comfort and nostalgia with it. I can’t wait to share it with you!

July 16, 2010

A Cowgirl Berry “Round Up”

I L.O.V.E. to see what people do with the printable party supplies created by Paper&Pigtails! I only wish I took more time to share the wonderful party planning talents of Paper & Pigtails customers!!  This is actually a custom designed set that came into Paper&Pigtails months ago. She wanted a “girly western theme that included cowprint and daisies…”. I illustrated a cowgirl hat with a cow print band, a wooden fence, a daisy, and a star that could all be mixed into the different elements without things looking cluttered.

How cute are the bags? The kids had the chance to “Round Up” berries during their party to take home….I wonder who made a pie… yuuummmm

Although this set hasn’t been listed in the shop yet, it is available upon request.

And of course, the birthday girl just couldn’t be any cuter!

Thank you to Andrea of for contacting us to help with the party printables and allowing me the chance to share your photos!

July 9, 2010

My Charlotte’s Inspiration

She is my sunshine, my only sunshine, she makes me happy, when skies are gray.  I have sung this song to my baby girl every night since the day she was born, almost three years ago. Every day she astounds me with how much she is growing, her sweet nature, her love for babies and animals, her independence, and her creativity…OK, I could go on forever, but you get the point. I am certain if you have children you also know the feeling, she really is my “sunshine”. I love her so much it hurts and there are times I want to scoop her up and run far and fast from anything that may make her the slightest bit unhappy….but I am realizing she is going to make her own way in the world. I can’t always hover and protect her from everything. Sometimes I have to let her be herself…her glorious, creative, loving little toddler self. Her third birthday is less than one month away and it is so very bittersweet. I am so proud of the child she is, but long for her to stay my “baby” forever at the same time. Her invitation design was finished yesterday and ordered…and this was my inspiration!

{Clockwise from top left : Lilly Pulitzer Tort Plate, handmade marshmallows,

turtle sewing pattern,pink balloons, Pink and Green Cake photo via i am baker , kiwi pops}

This year, we will celebrate with the bright colors of Pink and Green and an ADORABLE turtle theme. She loves all animals so very much, and fell in love with the tortoises at the Miami zoo, so when I saw the Lilly Pulitzer plates, I knew they would be perfect!  She talks about her party and her turtles, and I am so thrilled to help her celebrate. Her invitation design will be posted shortly!

July 8, 2010

4th Of July

Although I am quite certain that many of you who read my blog also follow my Paper & Pigtails partner, Lindsey on her blog Bella Grace Party Designs, I still would love to share a few photos from our wonderful 4th of July party! To read all about the fabulous party, make sure to check out her post HERE.

I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July! I know we all did!

{Do you recognize those adorable cuties in the middle? They make the sun shine in my sky.}