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August 30, 2010

Wheat & Honey

{clockwise from top – cheese and honey tray, macarons, bread tray, honey and pistachiosbeeswax candles, almond honey butter cookies }

I am certain I have mentioned before how food and food photos inspire my creativity, and this inspiration board is proof! Able to find ONE photo I loved and found inspiration from today that wasn’t food, and it still, well…resembles food.

With the move less than two weeks away I am thinking a lot about decorating, house-warming, and all of the fall things approaching. Those who know me well know that my favorite color is a rich yellow. It was the main color in my wedding {and the color of my wedding shoes}, the color of my daughter’s room, and Lucky Me…it’s the color of our new home!! So, thinking of inspirations, this rich, sweet honey color came to mind followed by the warmth of wheat. I am feeling so inspired to decorate our new home, for the housewarming, and for the fall season – I hope you are too!

PS for those of you gluten free….let’s just rename this post Quinoa & Honey – just as warm and definitely a feeling of fall! =)

August 27, 2010

Nesting Baby Shower Sneak

{Nesting Shower Design Sneak Peek}

I have been working on a design for an upcoming “nesting baby shower”. The hostesses knew they wanted damask…and a bird…and blue. I think we are all excited about the results! These invitations were printed on pearlized stock, so they have a soft feel, even in the photos. Unfortunately, you can’t see the shimmer that makes these stunning! You can expect to see this set coming to the shop, but if you are interested before I list it, please contact me for a custom listing!

August 26, 2010

Free Printables for kids with Food Allergies

I realized with school starting back up, a lot of my mommy friends have to deal with sending their little ones off with food allergies and the concern they face because of it. After having a friend request things to help her daughter as she starts preschool, I talked with another friend whose son was going to kindergarten and she had the same concerns. Sitting down that evening to come up with some designs for them, I thought about an email I received from yet another friend just a few days ago stating that her daughter with egg allergies had now been found with severe peanut allergies as well. Thinking that I should create designs for her too, I remembered another friend whose son has food allergies and I realized…..THIS IS TOO COMMON!!!

No mom should have the fear that someone may unknowingly HURT their baby at school!  I wanted to do a little something to try to help, so I designed a few free downloads.

There are round circles that are meant to be made into stickers for items in your pantry. {Instructions and supply links below} This doesn’t mean that harmful foods should be left in the child’s reach, but is more to serve as a helpful way for a toddler or child to identify common foods that are safe OR unsafe!!  For older children, these stickers make it clear to them when items have ingredients that they shouldn’t have.

There are also printable cards, sized as business cards {how to make and/or where to order are below} that have important information – from a warning that the child has allergies, to the personal information you can write on the back. One friend plans on putting these in luggage tags to attach to her child’s lunchbox and backpack, but you can also give them out to teachers or parents to help spread awareness!!

Thank you so much to the sweet little ones that inspired this – Elle, Grady, Alexandrea, and Jack and to their mom’s for being so proactive in doing what we mom’s do best….protecting our babies with the strength of a mama lioness.


How to make the stickers – (two options)

1) You can purchase the Avery 2″ circles and use the Word Doc to print on them {the designs won’t be as clear as it’s a word doc, not a PDF file}

2) If you have a 2″ circle punch (if you don’t you should!! You can use this punch for SO MANY craft projects!) then this is the way to go!! The PDF file will print out so clearly, and can be printed on full label paper (LIKE THIS or THIS) then you simply cut on the lines (or right inside them as needed depending on your circle punch) and punch out each sticker.

How to create the cards – (two options)

1) It’s easy to create a nice two side card that can easily be filled out and placed in an important place (A hang tag from the back pack is a GREAT idea) or handed out to teachers, teacher aids, and other parents. I designed a card front and card back that are sized to the specifications of Vistaprint’s personal  business cards. These are business card size and come in sets of 25! Simply choose to upload the complete design, upload the front and back and order them!! Upon receiving them, fill out the information and you are done!

2) For those of you who are feeling craftier, there is a sheet with front and back designs that you can print from home on bright white cardstock and cut out!  You can glue the front and back together, laminate them together {GREAT IDEA – many office supply stores offer this in store} , or simply put them both into a clear hang tag.

As this school year starts, I hope that a few moms will be more at ease using these to help raise awareness for the little ones we try to always protect.

August 25, 2010

Moving Day is on it’s Way

Life has been full of adventure and excitement in the Clark home! Every time I turn around I bump into one of these…

Tired of a crazy commute, we listed our home on the market…and sold it to the first couple who came to see!! We decided that since we’d have to move quickly, we would rent until we had more time…then we found a dream home…and bought it! NOW, we are juggling two closings, the anxiety of making sure everything goes according to plan, and trying to move out of one home and move into a new home later the same day. Oh…while running a business, several  fabulous new projects, and enjoying every moment of time with my three year old and eight month old! To be perfectly honest…as crazy as it is, I wouldn’t have it any other way! We feel so blessed with how things have fallen into place.

Although I am scared to show too much, in case something goes wrong…I wanted to share a few favorite aspects of the new home!  One of my favorite places is the kitchen. I am such a fan of light, bright places and in addition to the bay window looking over the pool, and the over AND under cabinet lighting….there is actually a window between the cabinets and counter top!! I won’t be able to blame cooking mistakes on lack of lighting anymore!

Two of our other favorites have to do with water! The neighborhood boat docks at the end of the street, and our new pool….time for swimming lessons for the kids…ASAP!

I assure you I am FULL of emotional ups and downs, as this is very bittersweet for me. We are moving from our first home, where we came after our honeymoon and where we brought our two children home from the hospital. There are so many memories and so much love associated with this home. I have shed more than a couple of tears thinking of leaving, but I will take my amazing memories with me and I’m so thrilled for the new adventures and memories we will make in the years to come.

Now, back to these boxes…please excuse me if it seems to take a little extra time to respond to emails or convos…I may be lost in a sea of cardboard!

August 23, 2010

The Red Stripe

{Photos Courtesy of Courtney Vickers Photography}

All Paper Designs from Paper & Pigtails (are you surprised?)

A custom order came in from a friend of a friend quite a while back. The designs needed were all simple and fun – a red stripe design for a 30th birthday! Working on the 4th of July set at the same time, made this a much simpler project, as well as the fact that the sweet customer knew what she wanted for the look and fonts!

Upon working on the invitation I noticed that the date, time, AND LOCATION were the same as my daughter’s!!! If you remember, my daughter’s Preppy Turtle Party was at our clubhouse pool, where we can rent cabanas near any one of the three pools (which is a blast considering the waterslide and splash park). I laughed and of course warned her that I would stalk her party…and I did. =) Rushing through the end of set up, I grabbed my amazing photographer, Courtney, and we begged to snap some shots of the party!

SHE DID AMAZING! There were so many adorable details…I am so glad we were able to get photos because the rain came in and she told me later that she didn’t have the chance to get many! I hope everyone had a blast, despite the rain!!!

August 20, 2010

Easiest DIY Streamers EVER

As I am SURE you know, I love to be able to do things myself. There is certainly a sense of pride from creating something, even if (or ESPECIALLY if) you aren’t very crafty! This DIY spirit is the premise for Paper & Pigtails, all of the products can be made with a minimal amount of supplies and “craftiness”! I have had customers tell me they were “scared of DIY projects” then later tell me how much fun they had!

For my daughter’s Preppy Turtle Party, we made all of the designs, supplies, and planned out the tables…then sat back and decided we wanted more hanging than just the sheer curtains. I wanted something tall, to frame the table, that went with the theme, without distracting from the table or fabulous elements. Next was the real clincher….I didn’t want to spend another dime! I had to see what I had, and what I could do…

First, these came to mind and I loved them!!

{Image and AMAZING TUTORIAL here on Project Wedding}

Only I didn’t have a lot of the things needed for this project and like I said…I didn’t want to spend another dime. I also wanted a project I could have fun doing with my 3 year old! SO, here were my supplies

and here was what I ended up with

{Streamer Photos Courtesy of Courtney Vickers Photography}

For full details on how to make these SIMPLE TWO STEP party streamers, visit Pizzazzerie !

There is a sweet party feature and DIY Details!

August 19, 2010

One AMAZING customer you have to meet!

A few months ago I had the pleasure to meet Sandra Downie online. We spoke about some custom designs and her new business doing event designs, and specializing in Couture Dessert Buffets. Sandra recognized a need for this amazing trend in Connecticut and realized how perfectly this could combine her sweet tooth, love of art, nature, vintage finds and all things beautiful! Sandra has worked in the wedding industry since 2007, so this was the perfect fit!

I have had the opportunity to create printable products for her tables; everything from candy bar wrappers, to flags, to snack cups, and seeing what fabulous things she does makes my JAW HIT THE FLOOR! I strongly encourage you to check out her website and prepare to drool.

I would love to share a few photos of the first project I worked on for her…a very colorful sweet 16 pool party! I assure you, we will be seeing more of Sandra Downie, her fabulous talent, {and Paper & Pigtails designs} very soon…

I had the pleasure of designing the table cards, toppers, and assorted labels for this party!

NOW, go check out Sandra’s website and prepare to drool over the other tables and designs you will see and spend some time getting to know this talented and lovely lady!

August 16, 2010

Preppy Turtle {Real Party}

I can’t believe my little baby girl is three, it still seems like yesterday when we came home from the hospital with this tiny, wrinkly, brand new person. As she has grown, we have come to know her as a sweet and loving little girl, with one of her greatest loves being animals. Several months ago at the Miami Zoo, we were able to watch the tortoises being fed and she was enthralled. Immediately the Lilly Pulitzer Tort Partyware line came to mind, and she and I started planning her pool birthday party. Being a graphic designer, not a party planner, I had to look for a lot of inspiration from some unbelievable party planners {and their blogs} to figure it out.  We all ended up having an wonderful time and she had an incredibly amazing day!

I illustrated her “turtle” graphic first, wanting it to coordinate with the Lilly designs, but making sure it was still original and unique. {All Party Designs available in Paper & Pigtails Shop} Second, I had to decide how to display everything at a clubhouse pool party when I couldn’t use anything breakable!!! Yes, the cake stands, apothecary jars, and lovely glass containers I see in beautiful featured parties were forbidden. Instead, I made my own cupcake stands out of plastic trays and upside down cups, and scoured stores for pretty and modern BPA-free plastic serving pieces! How do you think it turned out?

How cute are these pink and green taffy wands from Kate Landers Events?

The donuts were a HUGE hit! The birthday party started at 10am {good toddler time} so having donuts and Cheerios in cupcake liners and snack cups was essential and greatly appreciated by sugar hungry toddlers.

The sweets table was modern, clean, bright and full of snacks for kids of all ages! The donuts and cherrios for earlier, the Taffy Wands {from Kate Landers Events} and Turtle Suckers {from Melville Candies} were take home treats, along with the gumballs that the kids put in little baggies to take home.

We love these old fashioned paper straws and had fun dressing them up with our DIY straw flags!

My daughter and I made these sweet streamers with extra party material and we had so much fun doing them together! I will post how later this week {easiest project ever!}.

Pinwheels set the stage for fun on the kids table! I made arrangements using the big Lilly Pulitzer Tort pinwheels and custom made amazing white pinwheels from Twirlie Whirlies that were set into the most “kid AND eco-friendly” vases – BlumeBoxes!

Each child had a lunch box customized with a sticker and filled with a sandwich, chips, and a green apple.

Of course, the biggest hit of the party was the pool and splash area, which we filled with these sweet turtle rafts! They were loved by not only the kids at the party, but also the kids enjoying the day at the club pool with their families!

As the cake came out, the kids started gathering around….

Could that fondant turtle be ANY CUTER? Custom made by Two Sugar Babies to match the invite. The birthday girl loved every moment.

{Stunning Photography Courtesy of Courtney Vickers Photography}

Seeing her face full of excitement and pride in front of her table, was my favorite moment of the day. Happy Birthday Baby Girl, I hope your party was everything that made you smile!

One of the best highlights of planning this party, was meeting and working with some truly AMAZING vendors who made this entire experience so much more. Huge thanks to the Amazing Help I had with this party!

Kate Landers Events – Taffy Wands {and party inspiration}

Custom White on White Pinwheels – Twirlie Whirlies

Fondant Cake and Cupcake Toppers – Two Sugar Babies

Sweet Turtle Sugar Cookies {even had a glittery flower}  –  Sugar and Flour

Custom Table Runner and Turtle Plushies – Georgia Grace Designs

Turtle Pops – Melville Candy Company

Lilly Pulitzer Plates, Napkins, and Paper Straws – Modern Lola

White Kids Vases – BlumeBox

Lunch Boxes – Bake it Pretty

August 13, 2010

Apple Orchard Party Set {New in the Shop}

I am ready for fall; the crisp in the air, the warm apple cider with a cinnamon stick stirrer, the apple preserves on fresh bread….I could keep going, but instead I will leave you with the photos of the newest set in the Paper & Pigtails Shop.  Originally designed for the sweetest birthday party in an apple orchard, how amazing would this be for a rustic country shower? Preserves for favors, tea with cinnamon sticks at each place setting?  There are truly so many things that can be done with this theme! Enjoy daydreaming of the cooler months ahead…and what kind of party you are going to throw!

Visit Paper & Pigtails for the items, and expect to see a few more items from this set in the shop soon!

August 11, 2010

Apples to Apples

While working on the apple Harvest Party set, I started to get excited for fall…warm colors, rich flavors, and my favorite thing – the smell of cinnamon apples. There isn’t anything about fall that I don’t adore!

Would anyone else like to start feeling a little ” fall”? Then check out these great Etsy finds!

{pants and photo from Georgia Grace}

{Apple and Image from Nicole*s Homemade Treats}

{Apple Orchard Vegan Perfume and Image from Little Batch Botanicals}