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August 26, 2010

Free Printables for kids with Food Allergies

I realized with school starting back up, a lot of my mommy friends have to deal with sending their little ones off with food allergies and the concern they face because of it. After having a friend request things to help her daughter as she starts preschool, I talked with another friend whose son was going to kindergarten and she had the same concerns. Sitting down that evening to come up with some designs for them, I thought about an email I received from yet another friend just a few days ago stating that her daughter with egg allergies had now been found with severe peanut allergies as well. Thinking that I should create designs for her too, I remembered another friend whose son has food allergies and I realized…..THIS IS TOO COMMON!!!

No mom should have the fear that someone may unknowingly HURT their baby at school!  I wanted to do a little something to try to help, so I designed a few free downloads.

There are round circles that are meant to be made into stickers for items in your pantry. {Instructions and supply links below} This doesn’t mean that harmful foods should be left in the child’s reach, but is more to serve as a helpful way for a toddler or child to identify common foods that are safe OR unsafe!!  For older children, these stickers make it clear to them when items have ingredients that they shouldn’t have.

There are also printable cards, sized as business cards {how to make and/or where to order are below} that have important information – from a warning that the child has allergies, to the personal information you can write on the back. One friend plans on putting these in luggage tags to attach to her child’s lunchbox and backpack, but you can also give them out to teachers or parents to help spread awareness!!

Thank you so much to the sweet little ones that inspired this – Elle, Grady, Alexandrea, and Jack and to their mom’s for being so proactive in doing what we mom’s do best….protecting our babies with the strength of a mama lioness.


How to make the stickers – (two options)

1) You can purchase the Avery 2″ circles and use the Word Doc to print on them {the designs won’t be as clear as it’s a word doc, not a PDF file}

2) If you have a 2″ circle punch (if you don’t you should!! You can use this punch for SO MANY craft projects!) then this is the way to go!! The PDF file will print out so clearly, and can be printed on full label paper (LIKE THIS or THIS) then you simply cut on the lines (or right inside them as needed depending on your circle punch) and punch out each sticker.

How to create the cards – (two options)

1) It’s easy to create a nice two side card that can easily be filled out and placed in an important place (A hang tag from the back pack is a GREAT idea) or handed out to teachers, teacher aids, and other parents. I designed a card front and card back that are sized to the specifications of Vistaprint’s personal  business cards. These are business card size and come in sets of 25! Simply choose to upload the complete design, upload the front and back and order them!! Upon receiving them, fill out the information and you are done!

2) For those of you who are feeling craftier, there is a sheet with front and back designs that you can print from home on bright white cardstock and cut out!  You can glue the front and back together, laminate them together {GREAT IDEA – many office supply stores offer this in store} , or simply put them both into a clear hang tag.

As this school year starts, I hope that a few moms will be more at ease using these to help raise awareness for the little ones we try to always protect.