Wheat & Honey

{clockwise from top – cheese and honey tray, macarons, bread tray, honey and pistachiosbeeswax candles, almond honey butter cookies }

I am certain I have mentioned before how food and food photos inspire my creativity, and this inspiration board is proof! Able to find ONE photo I loved and found inspiration from today that wasn’t food, and it still, well…resembles food.

With the move less than two weeks away I am thinking a lot about decorating, house-warming, and all of the fall things approaching. Those who know me well know that my favorite color is a rich yellow. It was the main color in my wedding {and the color of my wedding shoes}, the color of my daughter’s room, and Lucky Me…it’s the color of our new home!! So, thinking of inspirations, this rich, sweet honey color came to mind followed by the warmth of wheat. I am feeling so inspired to decorate our new home, for the housewarming, and for the fall season – I hope you are too!

PS for those of you gluten free….let’s just rename this post Quinoa & Honey – just as warm and definitely a feeling of fall! =)


5 Responses to “Wheat & Honey”

  1. OH MAN! You are a tease. We live in Florida, dude, this is just not right! 🙂

  2. LOVE your little tidbit about “quinoa & honey”…you’re funny. And you’ve got me feeling SUPER guilty that we’ve never had a house warming party…not sure it’ll ever happen at this point?!

  3. Looks yummy! And by the way, these colors are very warm and inviting….they win our vote 😉


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