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September 27, 2010

It’s A Costume Party!

The Printable Halloween Set is Up in the Etsy Shop

As I look around the stores and see Christmas is already replacing Halloween and Thanksgiving, I feel…well…..fashionable late in posting the Halloween Set. I designed the costume graphic well before the move, but putting together all of the set, and photographing it was another story!

Better late than never I guess, so HERE is the “Costume Party” Halloween Set! It’s on sale in the shop until Oct. 10th for only $10 and includes

printable party circles (favor tag design and 3 different party designs on the sheet)

printable snack cups

printable invitation (to write in details)

3 varied printable candy bar wrapper designs (to fit large Hersey’s style bars)

printable food/beverage labels

printable bottle labels

& 2 printable patterned papers perfect for straw flags and pennants for a banner

September 23, 2010

Life is what happens

They say “Life is what happens when you make other plans”.

I apologize for being MIA a large part of the last few weeks, but…we made plans…and then life happened!

Here is what was “planned” to happen starting 2 weeks ago

1) moving truck show up Wed Morning packing all of our belongings except what we needed for that night and an air mattress for ourselves and one for our little girl (the baby was in the pack n play)

2) moving truck leaves and buyer show up for final walk through

3) wake up the next morning and go to closing on the home we were selling, drive down to Sarasota and close on the home we were buying

5) meet moving truck at the new house

What “life” decided should happen

1) moving truck show up Wed Morning packing all of our belongings except what we needed for that night and an air mattress for ourselves and one for our little girl (the baby was in the pack n play)

2) phone call from our Realtor that there had been a glitch in mortgage and closing may get delayed

3) confirmation that we wouldn’t close on Thursday AFTER the moving truck drove away with ALL of our things!

4) enjoy a vacant home with a toddler and infant with one change of clothes and a flute {word to the wise – when moving and you leave out just a couple of toys, make sure one is NOT a flute)

5) wake up Friday to find out that closing won’t be that day either….and no one is sure WHEN it will happen as we are living in a vacant house with one change of clothes and air mattresses

6) talk to moving truck to confirm that they can not actually just keep all of our things on the truck indefinitely, and realize that we also cannot keep pushing back closing on the new home

7) take a leap of faith and closed on the new house as to not keep the kids in a vacant house any longer

8 ) move in to the new house with the info that the old house would close Monday

9 ) Monday morning – we are told that the buyers loan must be redone – a few choice words for the mortgage company

10) we own two homes….not really what we were hoping for…for the next week and a half, unsure if the closing would happen at this point

11)Friday, confirmation there has been a clear to close from mortgage, and now we wait for a “time” dictated by law

12) old neighbor calls to let us know some kids parked in our driveway (old house) and then broke in a vacant house a block away

13) my husband drives back to Tampa to check on house and find they stole the power meter, cops are called, power company comes out to fix it, husband comes home at 3am


I wanted to feel more sentimental about leaving our first home, and I did, until all of this. By yesterday, I felt so relieved and grateful to have finally said Good Bye to the old house that I would have done cartwheels away from it happily.

Of course it all worked out in the end, and we always knew that one way or another it would, but I am so glad to be on the other side! This face {my little guy so proud that he has learned to crawl} is EXACTLY how I feel today!

Now, I am back to work…still in the middle of unpacking and getting settled, but I have a lot of new things headed your way…finally!

September 16, 2010

You Should Have Gnome {Real Party}

I was SUPER excited when Jordon of Georgia Grace Designs sent me photos from her little boy,  HC’s first birthday! She contacted me months ago about reworking the gnome design from the shop to be a more cartoon inspired design. She found some gnome plates at JoAnn’s that she wanted to center the design around and I got to work creating a new gnome for baby HC!

I just adore the little guy in his custom party hat,  and did you see that cake topper, another beautiful job from Two Sugar Babies!

When you are done saying “awwww” over that sweet baby face, you should check out the Georgia Grace Etsy Shop! Look at this beautiful trench coat…

I can hardly stand it, and I hear there is a new coat coming to the shop very soon!

Thank you Jordon for sharing Henry’s Party!

September 14, 2010

It’s Time to DIG

A fabulous “entrance” to set the tone of this adorable construction themed party!

My friend Heather, of Party Tinkers, {who has a great attention to detail…and whom I would like to come see me in Florida and help decorate my new home} contacted me to design printables for a construction themed party for her nephew. After several custom requests for the same designs, I have decided to add them to the shop! You can expect to see them added along with some other new designs next week! {You can contact me prior if you need them sooner.}


Each child had a hard hat, with a custom Paper & Pigtails sticker, and a Home Depot Construction Apron awaiting them at their seat  {NOTE: Home Depot has free, how-to clinics available on the first Saturday of each month between 9 a.m. and noon at all The Home Depot stores…my 3 year old LOVES going with her dad and building things}


Children’s parties are so wonderful when you can design games and activities to keep things moving and provide extra fun and excitement for the little ones!  Heather and her sister went above and beyond creating activities for the party goers. They were able to pin the nail on the hammer, have a “free build” area with blocks, build individual bird houses (and they had a separate station to paint them), and for extreme fun – they trucked in a pile of sand that was full of buried goodies for the kids to “DIG” in!

Build a Bird House

And a little decor to make you smile…

September 7, 2010

Shop Vacation for Moving Day!

**** I will be placing the shop on vacation while I deal with moving companies, closing tables, getting the little ones settled in new digs, and smiling through the certain hiccups that happen at times like these – SHOP ON VACATION FROM TUESDAY NIGHT 9/7/2010 UNTIL FRIDAY NIGHT 9/10/2010 ****

Almost seven years ago we bought and moved into our first home. We came home from our honeymoon to this home, we decorated our first sweet nursery in the room across from ours before bringing our daughter home from the hospital three years ago, and we just brought our second baby home to his new nursery only months ago. Now it’s time to move on and let someone else make memories here and hopefully feel the love we have felt. I know I am not supposed to be emotionally attached to a house, but I am and although I am ready to go, I will still shed a few tears. I am an emotional person and my “home” really is “where the heart is“. I have been blessed more times than I can count within these walls, and I look forward to many more blessings in new walls!

Upon my return, you can expect to see a lot of things happening and I CAN’T wait to share!!! I have a number of new sets to add to the shop, some fun news about different charity events I am working on, and party planning for things coming up this holiday season!! Sharing all of this with you is going to be so exciting, and I wanted to leave you a “sneak peek” at a few things I have been working on for clients!  Here is the Princess, the Pirate, and there is a Princess & Pirate Set coming as well!!

September 3, 2010

Damask that Pops

Do you recall the AMAZING customer I introduced you to recently? Sandra Downie of Sandra Downie Events is not only incredibly sweet and a blessing to work with, she is covered with style and talent!! She contacted me about a few pieces for a damask table she was working on, and I got to work illustrating my own damask pattern {damask is one of my favorite patterns, and I have illustrated many versions of the popular style for varying purposes}.

I emailed her printable files for the candy bar labels, flags, table signs, and kettle corn snack cups. Upon receiving the sneak peek of these, I almost fell out of my chair! The table was stunning to say the least and was certainly a statement! When I saw the table featured on Amy Atlas this week I was overjoyed for Sandra!! If you haven’t seen it, you should check out Amy’s Post . {There is even a mention of Paper & Pigtails included – SQUEALLLL}

THANK YOU SANDRA for being such a pleasure to work with and letting me show off your incredible talent!

**** Please note that we are moving this upcoming week so my online presence will be minimal****

September 1, 2010

{Real Party} Home Tweet Home

I always enjoy brainstorming with my sweet customers, and Patricia was no different! She emailed me, wanting to join the Vintage Carnival Design with the Love Birds Design to create a “Home Tweet Home” Housewarming Party. I assure you, she left no detail unattended to and we created many printable signs, labels, banners, and more for the party to celebrate her new home. Thank you, Patricia, for sharing them with us and congratulations on the beautiful new home!

OH, and to make you ladies all wish you were Patricia’s BFF {at least I do} Check out her “craft room”. I am LOVING the paper rack!  Not bad, right?