You Should Have Gnome {Real Party}

I was SUPER excited when Jordon of Georgia Grace Designs sent me photos from her little boy,  HC’s first birthday! She contacted me months ago about reworking the gnome design from the shop to be a more cartoon inspired design. She found some gnome plates at JoAnn’s that she wanted to center the design around and I got to work creating a new gnome for baby HC!

I just adore the little guy in his custom party hat,  and did you see that cake topper, another beautiful job from Two Sugar Babies!

When you are done saying “awwww” over that sweet baby face, you should check out the Georgia Grace Etsy Shop! Look at this beautiful trench coat…

I can hardly stand it, and I hear there is a new coat coming to the shop very soon!

Thank you Jordon for sharing Henry’s Party!


4 Comments to “You Should Have Gnome {Real Party}”

  1. That garden gnome design is ridiculously adorable. Supe cute party idea.

  2. This is beyond cute! So glad to have found your blog!!

  3. So adorable! I love the new and totally creative take on the garden theme!

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