Welcome Fall

Fall is my favorite season. Fall is something different to each one of us. Living in Florida, we don’t see the leaves changing color, and we don’t always feel a chill to the air…but we do have plenty of reasons to love Fall! One of those for me, is the food of the season. I LOVE Fall food…the richness, spice, and warmth of the flavors are my absolute favorite. I start the season with a family favorite, stuffed acorn squash. When I brought these pretty ladies home from the grocery, my husband’s eyes lit up! Think wild rice, acorn squash, cranberries, cinnamon, and ground sausage….Oh…so….good.

I will post the recipe soon, but just wanted to say that while I adore fall, this one is already booked solid! It’s hard to believe that in mid October, I am booked with custom design work through the new year..but it’s a great thing too. I have several corporate clients aside from Paper & Pigtails, and other business opportunities that have arisen as well as hosting a house warming party, shower, and birthday party, and the traditional holiday fun. This season is bound to be full of warmth, love, and CHAOS! Bring on the Holidays!


2 Comments to “Welcome Fall”

  1. OMG, booked already!!! Rock on girl!!! Please do post the yummy recipe!!!

  2. What a great fall in front of you:) Blessings for all your design work, looking forward to seeing it!

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