Cirque De Hutts {Real Party}

When Robyn of Chocolate Polka Dots contacted me to help with her husband’s 40th birthday 40’s style Carnival, I knew it would be fantastic…I had no idea however just how FANTASTIC! Even more amazing, she did it all herself!

Robyn made the popcorn cupcakes and check out those popcorn bag cake pops!! Robyn ran out of time to make the cakes herself {seriously…the thought that she was planning on that too blows me away!}. She enlisted her talented sister Krista of Sweet and Blissful Designs to create the cakes.

I have to tell you, she organized for her husband and his friends to DRESS UP and go out for a while, then come back when the party was ready to start. She said he was a little uncertain about the “Dressing Up” and while out, they were asked if they were a band or group on several occasions. HERE is her post about that. After, he told her it was the best birthday yet!! How fun is that!!!??

What a party!! There are a lot more photos and WONDERFUL inspirations from this party in Robyn’s Blog Post. Check out the photos of the photo booth, barbershop quartet, and great 40s details! You can also see the SUPER crafty Robyn’s Etsy Shop Here.

Thank you Robyn for sharing!


5 Comments to “Cirque De Hutts {Real Party}”

  1. What a fabulous party! It looks like so much fun for and all the details are amazing! I love the frame for the photo ops, and all the printed signs. Great party!

  2. What a fun and fabulous way to turn 40:)

  3. Hi Kori,

    Dont you just love the kissing booth! I love this fun party.

  4. Thanks for the post Kori…I love it! My hubby wasn’t very happy with me when I brought out those clothes! LOL But afterwards he said it was his best birthday ever and he was glad I made him dress up! 🙂 You did an amazing job on the signs! LOVED THEM!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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