Paper Airplane {Real Party}

When Amy of  Buggie and Jellybean contacted me about designing a set for her son’s first birthday, she mentioned Paper Airplanes, and I loved it!!! We designed a logo and party supplies with the idea of  “Nolan’s Paper Airlines”.  She had a Pilot’s Lounge (Food table) and The Airplane Hanger – where assembly could take place. Read her full post here.

These Oreo pops look amazing! Find the “How To” and a Giveaway for a gift card to Paper & Pigtails on her blog!

The Paper Airplane set will be in the shop soon, now get over to Amy’s Blog to enter this giveaway for a gift card to Paper&Pigtails!


6 Comments to “Paper Airplane {Real Party}”

  1. LOL! LOVE this! Ridiculously adorable, unique and a perfect presentation. Donut tower RULES!! Totally adore.

  2. Totally adorable, love the color combination and the logo. The paper airplane image rocks!

  3. You rocked it out for sure. Thanks Kori for EVERYTHING!!!


  4. This is such a great party idea! My boys would love something like this!

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