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September 14, 2010

It’s Time to DIG

A fabulous “entrance” to set the tone of this adorable construction themed party!

My friend Heather, of Party Tinkers, {who has a great attention to detail…and whom I would like to come see me in Florida and help decorate my new home} contacted me to design printables for a construction themed party for her nephew. After several custom requests for the same designs, I have decided to add them to the shop! You can expect to see them added along with some other new designs next week! {You can contact me prior if you need them sooner.}


Each child had a hard hat, with a custom Paper & Pigtails sticker, and a Home Depot Construction Apron awaiting them at their seat  {NOTE: Home Depot has free, how-to clinics available on the first Saturday of each month between 9 a.m. and noon at all The Home Depot stores…my 3 year old LOVES going with her dad and building things}


Children’s parties are so wonderful when you can design games and activities to keep things moving and provide extra fun and excitement for the little ones!  Heather and her sister went above and beyond creating activities for the party goers. They were able to pin the nail on the hammer, have a “free build” area with blocks, build individual bird houses (and they had a separate station to paint them), and for extreme fun – they trucked in a pile of sand that was full of buried goodies for the kids to “DIG” in!

Build a Bird House

And a little decor to make you smile…

August 25, 2010

Moving Day is on it’s Way

Life has been full of adventure and excitement in the Clark home! Every time I turn around I bump into one of these…

Tired of a crazy commute, we listed our home on the market…and sold it to the first couple who came to see!! We decided that since we’d have to move quickly, we would rent until we had more time…then we found a dream home…and bought it! NOW, we are juggling two closings, the anxiety of making sure everything goes according to plan, and trying to move out of one home and move into a new home later the same day. Oh…while running a business, several  fabulous new projects, and enjoying every moment of time with my three year old and eight month old! To be perfectly honest…as crazy as it is, I wouldn’t have it any other way! We feel so blessed with how things have fallen into place.

Although I am scared to show too much, in case something goes wrong…I wanted to share a few favorite aspects of the new home!  One of my favorite places is the kitchen. I am such a fan of light, bright places and in addition to the bay window looking over the pool, and the over AND under cabinet lighting….there is actually a window between the cabinets and counter top!! I won’t be able to blame cooking mistakes on lack of lighting anymore!

Two of our other favorites have to do with water! The neighborhood boat docks at the end of the street, and our new pool….time for swimming lessons for the kids…ASAP!

I assure you I am FULL of emotional ups and downs, as this is very bittersweet for me. We are moving from our first home, where we came after our honeymoon and where we brought our two children home from the hospital. There are so many memories and so much love associated with this home. I have shed more than a couple of tears thinking of leaving, but I will take my amazing memories with me and I’m so thrilled for the new adventures and memories we will make in the years to come.

Now, back to these boxes…please excuse me if it seems to take a little extra time to respond to emails or convos…I may be lost in a sea of cardboard!

August 5, 2010

Time for a Harvest Party!

It’s almost time for the FALL and that means a Harvest Party!! Do you remember the apple inspiration board , well here is the result.

When the custom order came in for a birthday party that was being held at an apple orchard, I was SO EXCITED! Then, when the designs started coming together I was even more thrilled. I can’t wait to add this Harvest Party Set to the SHOP.

Be on the lookout for the whole set to debut here and in the shop late next week…but until then, I would love to show you these little sneak peeks.

I think these could easily transcend a Birthday and be used for a rustic wedding, shower, or as I plan on doing – a Harvest Party! What kind of party would you use it for??

August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Somehow, three years have past since I rushed to the hospital nervous, excited, and in a LOT of pain to have my first baby. I remember that day with astounding clarity…from thinking to myself at 9am “I think today will be the day” to the phone call I made to my husband to say “I think I am in labor, but no rush…enjoy your lunch” , to being eternally grateful that he didn’t listen and came straight home. I remember the car ride to the hospital and being rushed upstairs…I remember not really being certain how to understand the change we were about to face in our lives, and finally…I remember holding this beautiful, perfect, angel and looking at my husband in shock and disbelief that she was finally here.

Now, I am in shock and disbelief once more. My “baby girl” is really not a “baby” anymore. When she turned two, she still couldn’t carry on a true conversation and she was in diapers…I was able to tell myself she was still a baby. Now, as she turns three, she is a girl. She doesn’t need diapers or someone to cut up her food. She can carry on a conversation with just about anyone who takes the time to listen.

We spent yesterday morning outside playing in the back yard and taking the time to just talk and spend time together. Then, before she went to bed last night she said “Mom, am I a baby girl?”. I responded “You will always be MY baby girl” and she smiled and climbed into my lap….It’s funny how she seems to know just what I need.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl, You are my Sunshine, My Only Sunshine.

August 2, 2010

{Good Press} from In Good Company

Although I am fairly certain many of you have already seen the amazing Woodland Fairy Party that came from Kate Landers, {if not, look at it here} I wanted to share some amazing PRESS that came to Paper & Pigtails from designing graphics for the party. I worked closely with Kate to bring her vision for the paper items and my artwork to a perfect meeting point.

I was thrilled for Kate to discover that the party had been featured in a beautiful online magazine, In Good Company.

{In Good Company}

The online magazine is just stunning, and the products and website are fabulous! That’s why seeing “Paper & Pigtails” name and photos included in the feature made me squeal! It’s just darling!

Check it out!

And check out this tutorial on how to make the Chocolate Bird’s Nests that Kate used at her party!

Thank you so much to In Good Company for including Paper & Pigtails in the feature and to Kate Landers, LLC for allowing me to work with her on such a fabulous party.

July 21, 2010

Meatloaf Cupcakes

Soooo…the title of this post does honestly gross me out, but I feel like these would be similar to a mini Shepard’s pie. I would also like to think that because the title “meatloaf cupcakes” sounds gross, that I wouldn’t eat them….but anyone who knows me knows I will eat anything approved by the FDA (and sometimes things that aren’t) and would likely polish off a pan of these without a second thought. These may even make dinner more fun for the kids…ok…KID, I wouldn’t feed them to my 7 month old!!!

I found two recipes and I fully plan on trying both.

Check them out!

{Photo from the fabulous Bakerella}

CLICK HERE for the recipe from Bakerella on The Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen. If you don’t know the Pioneer Woman, you should!!! She is hilarious, fabulous, and inspirational to every facet of life! Check out her site HERE and expect to lose some time looking around and laughing.

{Photos from Fine Furious Life originally posted (5/14/2008)}

Although Fine Furious Life no longer exists, you can still find the recipe from an adorable food site, Unfork. Click HERE to see the recipe and post from Unfork.

July 16, 2010

A Cowgirl Berry “Round Up”

I L.O.V.E. to see what people do with the printable party supplies created by Paper&Pigtails! I only wish I took more time to share the wonderful party planning talents of Paper & Pigtails customers!!  This is actually a custom designed set that came into Paper&Pigtails months ago. She wanted a “girly western theme that included cowprint and daisies…”. I illustrated a cowgirl hat with a cow print band, a wooden fence, a daisy, and a star that could all be mixed into the different elements without things looking cluttered.

How cute are the bags? The kids had the chance to “Round Up” berries during their party to take home….I wonder who made a pie… yuuummmm

Although this set hasn’t been listed in the shop yet, it is available upon request.

And of course, the birthday girl just couldn’t be any cuter!

Thank you to Andrea of for contacting us to help with the party printables and allowing me the chance to share your photos!

May 10, 2010

Paper & Pigtails

Perhaps you noticed some subtle changes over the last month or two…like my name changing on Twitter, or the new fan page on Facebook I have been promoting…. or the fact that I haven’t posted to the blog in two months (Oh wait, that’s pretty normal!) OK, I guess subtle isn’t the right word. I have kind of been screaming in excitement!

My shop of invitations, Kori Clark Designs, has MERGED into a full Printable Party shop. I have been working with Lindsey of Bella Grace Party Designs on ideas and graphics for parties since we met, and after Lindsey’s Love Birds Party was featured on several party blogs, I began receiving requests for the graphics and party materials. Well, I decided to give the people what they asked for and opened PAPER & PIGTAILS!!! It’s an etsy shop full of custom DIY Party designs! I provide you with the designs and you print, cut, and throw a FABULOUS party!

Check out some of the things you will find in the shop.